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WorkFusion Ascend in New York! :rocket: [Events] (1)

Hello everyone! On April 10-11, WorkFusion is organizing the traditional Ascend event in New York for users, customers, partners and everyone interested. What is planned: Stories from WorkFusion customers about the…

RPA Express 2.2.1 with a new OCR license is released! [Product Releases] (1)

Hi Everyone, RPA Express 2.2.1 with new OCR license has been released! The license is valid till May 15, 2019, and includes 1,000 OCR pages. The previous OCR license stopped working today (RPA Express 2.1.3 to 2.2.0). …

RPA Express 2.2 is released! ( 2 ) [Product Releases] (23)
Automation Engineer Specialist learning path launch [Training News] (1)
Academy is a multilingual now! :jp: [Training News] (2)
Automation Challenge #1: Meet the winners and their bots! ( 2 ) [Events] (27)
Automation Challenge #3: Meet the Winners and their bots! [Events] (14)
Automation Challenge #4: Meet the winners and their scripts! [Events] (12)
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RPA Express with new OCR license is available! [Product Releases] (8)
New Power User learning path [Training News] (8)
RPA Express 2.1.0 is released! ( 2 ) [Product Releases] (21)
Beta feature: Secure Storage in WorkFusion Studio [Product Releases] (6)
SPA 9.1 has been released [Product Releases] (1)
RPA Express 2.0.6 with new OCR license [Product Releases] (2)
RPA Express 2.0.5 is here! [Product Releases] (7)
RPA Express 2.0.2 is available for download! [Product Releases] (7)
RPA Express Lumen is here! ( 2 ) [Product Releases] (29)
Webinar: Meet the new generation of RPA Express [Events] (4)
We’re introducing a new certification path ( 2 ) [Training News] (32)
Workfusion hackathon! Please make it online as well [Events] (2)
WorkFusion Ascend: May 17-18, NYC [Events] (1)
ML Hackathon - Prep & Info [Events] (2)
RPA Express 1.4.0 is rolled out! [Product Releases] (19)
What is the link explaining about Automation Challenge 3? [Events] (7)
Webinar: Celebrating RPA Express Community! [Events] (2)
RPA Express 1.3.0 is rolled out! [Product Releases] (9)
New Feature: Custom Actions - Give us your feedback [Product Releases] (3)
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