1.2.0 Input Data File No Longer Created in Control Tower

In previous versions for RPAE, when I uploaded the Business Process to Control Tower, it created the Input Data file which I could take from Control Tower, Run Tab for the business process. Usually a non-sensical name. There is a file there, but it has no data now. I would use that file from the Run tab to create my input file for running multiple jobs by just varying the lines in the file using the scheduler. I have about 40 variables in the script. Where can I find the variables to easily create the CSV data file for upload to Control Tower?

I can pull the execution log from the Recorder and reformat it. Any help?

Hi John,
Starting from version 1.2.0 you no longer need the data file for the business process execution.
The information about the variables is now stored directly in the script.

So now I am confused… Then how do you pass information to the script or vary them when I set up a schedule? Most of the variables are static, however, some are passed to the job… Including things like:

  1. Names of files to read - Input file name, output file names
  2. Business Unit ID
  3. Directories to use
  4. User ID to use for logging into various things

These can vary and when I create the schedule I change the input file based on what I need to run. How are we to pass variables to the jobs now? The schedules still show an input file - is that still used?

Hi John, sorry for delay.
You can upload a csv file where the first row is the name of the variable (see example attached).
variables.csv (57 Bytes)

Note: the values of list and table variables are encoded when exported as a bot task, so it will not work if you just put the values in the csv file.

So, if you have list and table variables in your input data, as a workaround, fill in the values in the recorder, export it as a bot task, and copy the resulting values from the script to the csv file.

Sorry for this inconvenience, we’ll come up with a better solutions for future releases.

Thank you. Quick question… Do you need to upload all variables or only those that you need to pass data. Assume only those you want to pass data?

@jdoering correct, only those that change values.

When loading the data, cannot load Boolean as TRUE and FALSE have to be true and false otherwise you get an error even before it executes the first line; Also, cannot have a date field since it has [ and ].

Upgraded to 1.3.0. Running successfully. Can only pass minimal data to the bot. No Boolean, Table or List

Hi john,

Sorry for such delay. We have now corrected data representation in Control Tower.
You can pass table, list and boolean variables to CT:

data_test.csv (131 Bytes)

In order to write the value of the boolean variable correctly in the .csv file, add an apostrophe before it, i.g. 'true.