ABBYY OCR adding not existing white spaces in the result


I am facing one issue which is related with ABBYY OCR Output. The OCR is adding extra white spaces in between of the value. Let’s say the Original value in the document is : 412.75 and after ocr it is providing the output as 4 12.75. It is not happening with all the data only with few values.

Retraining is the solution but we can not train the model everytime for every different field and when the case is like new values are always expected.
If anybody knows a quick solution of it. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Use custom region
[{“type”: “BT_Table”,“page”: 1,“left”: 0,“top”: 0,“right”: 4000,“bottom”: 1500},{“type”: “BT_Table”,“page”: 1,“left”: 0,“top”: 0,“right”: 4000,“bottom”: 1500}]
dpi =300