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What are Bot Recorders?
Are they Selenium recorder or Something different. Does it include Web/Windows application. Does it support Internet explorer.



@venkateswaran.mrithinjayan, RPA Express includes a recorder developed by WorkFusion, which is surface-based, so you can automate both desktop apps and web apps (including internet explorer).

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Wow, is this available for download. Can the same be used for earlier versions of WF v7.4 till v8.0


not yet, there will be official announcement on forum - stay tuned.
Older versions of WF will not be supported, because it is a new functionality.


As this is a surface based recording, can it record Citrix and Image based automation?
If we use this surface based recorder for web browser app automation, doesn’t it produce Java and Selenium code?
For Windows recorders, is it going to be position (i.e. x,y coordinates ) based recording?



The current version of RPA Express Recorder is an image-based (surface-based) one with support of some system actions, e.g. switch to window, open application, open website in browser, minimize, maximize, etc.

There are several options for identifying an action element (locator):

  • by screenshot
  • by coordinates
  • by XPath (for browser page elements)

If we use this surface based recorder for web browser app automation, doesn’t it produce Java and Selenium code?

This possibility is in our nearest plans.


I want to do certified bot developer course, but I don’t have account in Kb.workfusion.com to access training materials.
I already completed Automation Essentials Certificate and getting started with RPA express from automation academy. so now want to learn more about workfusion, which is available in Certified Bot developer course, but not able to access.

can you please guide me the process, how to learn more with that course and get access of training environment.



Other courses and KB spaces are available only for WorkFusion partners and customers.

You can connect with our team about partnership - http://partners.workfusion.com/

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If the application to be automated is an citrix based web application still will the xpath would be working for web based applications( via surface automation)?


Can you please provide the trial version of RPA express.