Access to AES Category post


I don’t have access to read and select AES category. Please do the needful.


Hi @Sarvesh_Dahiya5 these topics are only opened to students that are enrolled in advanced courses in the Automation Academy.


I am also planning to give certification on AES.

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Once you enroll in the course you will be given access to these categories automatically.


I am enrolled recently but does not have access.


You have another email in Automation Academy. Can you change it there to the email that you use on the forum? Or, you can change your forum email in your user account here.


I am unable to change my email in forum. Automation Academy has my latest email updated.


Unable to login to forum using my current mail id. Password failure error comes up, i am using the default login password.


I’ve changed your email to the new email address. You couldn’t change it because another account with this email was created for you automatically when you enrolled in the course.

Unless you changed the password, use your current password for this account to log in.


I am still viewing the old email in my profile within forum.


An email with the link to confirm your new email has been sent to it.
Haven’t you received it?

I have deleted the other user account, so now you can change the email yourself.