Accessing Elements in a Table

I am currently trying to access an element in a table by position. I know that there is a syntax ${list_name[list_index as Integer]}. I’m just wondering if there is a similar syntax available for accessing positions in a table? Would ${table_name[column_value as Integer][row_value as Integer]} find a specific element?

HI Ashton,

You can do it with the help of a simple custom script

    input = ['table'],
    output = 'cell'
def customScript() {
     def cell = table.get(2,3)

2 is the row
3 is the column

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Hi Ashapkina,
How to pass multiple arguments for input and output in script?

You can have multiple inputs, but only 1 output

Hi Ashapkina,
How to retrieve multiple values from a data table ?

Can you provide more details?
What data do you have as input and what do you need to get as an output? Do you need a list of values?

Excel file contains 100 rows and 30 plus columns and i need to process records based on some conditions.If condition is met, need to fetch values from different columns(5 columns) for the corresponding records. How to achieve this?

You can use For each loop and check the records you need in each row or column using Condition action. Then you can write required values in other string variables or list variable, depending on your use case. You can use actions for it: Constant Value, Expression, or a custom script.

Here is an example of a Custom Scripts to get a list