Action For Each changes variables out of scope while changing default value "element"

While using RPA Recorder I noticed that while I’m typing a new variable name instead of default name “element”
all variables in the recording (even those outside the foreach loop) that are used with declaration ${variable} (i.e. Constant/Write to File) are changed if the new name is similar to them.
More specifically if i have a variable test_var used in a foreach and I type test_var1 in a new one all references using ${test_var} change to ${test_var1} anywhere in the recording.
The same also happens if I use the default element in one foreach loop and then I change the second one used. In general is a bit confusing and some times can destroy the recording if same variable is used in many foreach loops.

Hi @adimitriou, which version are you using?

I was trying to reproduce such behavior with no luck.

Could you share some screenshots of the actions that change?

Of course. For example:

Add a new foreach action

As you can see the write to file changed the variable.

But the expression (when it selects from dropdown menu didn’t

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Thank you.
You are right. It’s a bug, I forwarded it to the development team.

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The bug has been fixed in release 2.1.0.

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