Add Action to Flow - not working for inserting "Web Element"




Similar to as shown in sample video provided for copying stock price of company from, I was trying to insert Web element to copy price based on XPATH. But strangely I am not able to insert this action from Web-Web Element. When I tried to insert other action (just for checking) like “Keyboard - Enter Keystrokes” it is working fine. Please suggest what could be possible reason for this.



I have the same problem.


You can’t insert web element on its own. It has to be inserted with the open website action.


Thanks, understood.

But now next issue is that I am not getting Xpaths of the element selected, as was shown in video and explained that some plugins are added to browser. But in my case it looks these are not there, any suggestions how to resolve it.



you have to install the plug-in. Try searching for these plug-in. BTW IE has no plug-in for this. It works for the rest. But in RPAx, you can only use the firefox or chromium because the open website uses only these 2. I have problems with the open website though.


You can do Internet Explorer starting with 1.1.2

Can you please initiate a separate thread for the issues you have with open website?


I have same issue. Yes it need to add to under open website element but that element cannot be added to loops. And i would like to search element in loop. How that is possible?


As far as I can tell, then, the Web Element action is all but valueless since one can’t open a new Website in the middle of a script as a means of locating, for example, a form field that has different default values every invocation (so image location isn’t an option).


You can


you can search for firebug (or any other plug-in). I did this in firefox. I downloaded the firebug plug-in, then I highlighted the area that has the market price, I right-click, then choose Inspect with Firebug. After that, on the new window that opens, right-click and choose ‘Copy Xpath’. Hope this helps