Addition of polling feature



I think it would be a great to be able to poll workers. It would provide requesters with direct feedback from a specific crowd without spending too much time with one on one interaction. Polling multiple crowds can also provide you with some insight as to which crowd may be more worth your time and money for specific tasks.


Thanks Gary, this is valid idea. It’s a great way to interact with a captive crowd, efficiently and easily.


@gary.lombardo, @Tony,

In WorkFusion you can create a Human Task in a form of a survey and set min# of Assignments = number of Workers in your crowd, so each Worker will be able to complete the survey only once.


yes, @azinchuk this is a workaround - but this means you have to send a task - and wait for response through workfusion download analytic file, possibly set a price to pay workers for their time to complete the task, they may not accept and take the task as well.
A simple poll will results in the feeback/message widget of your dashboard would provide faster/efficient answers to a quick question



Cannot agree with you. You need to set up this poll, and then display the results somewhere. And WF platform is the best place to do this.


I am not sure I follow your answer but I will elaborate in ticket I created with further details. The worker messaging system can use improvements, this is the root of the request, I am open to suggestions, on how/what we do, but overall the messaging system can be improved.