Advanced Workflow / Control Tower

Attached is a image of the workflow I would like to do in either control tower or a single recording. Let me walk you through it. I have a Datasheet with Login, Password, and Website Type(Citrix, Regular). I would like the datasheet to feed into the different recording and pass the correct login and password to each one. I have about 50 recording I need to make, so I really need this process to be scalable. Please let me know if this is possible or if there is a work around on the platform. Thank You!

Hi Grant, I didn’t quite understand the use case.
Do you need to pass different login and password information to 50 different recordings from the same spreadsheet?
Or do you execute it in one recording using a loop?

This First Case. Using one spreadsheet (for management purposes) for 50 different recordings (different websites and applications with similar data), then downloading the information. I don’t want to do this is series for if one job fails all will fail. I expect some to go down every now and then, and then I will need to change the password In the spreadsheet, and or change the job a little bit. I really love the look and feel of control tower and the scheduling system. Just cant get around this data input issue (the spreadsheet). I would think this would be a common set up for y’all?

-Another side question I have is the security of these login and passwords in control tower. Is this data published on a server ever, or is all of this local?

Thanks For the Response

Hi @grantw, you cannot feed the same data to different recordings, but you can upload the cvs file with 50 records to a business process, and it will run for each of the records. See more details here How to Utilize all Bots on a single Process - RPA Express 2.0
You will not need to use a loop in this case.

If you have sensitive data there, there is an option to use the secure storage to save it, but only through coding. The documentation is available is WorkFusion Studio (Code perspective).

We are planning to add an option to use in the Recorder this summer.