AES Certificate Final Assignment - Facing "DS=: ocr_cache_training" Error

I am doing the last assignment of RPA i.e." Automate Employees Extraction and HRM system entry"
In this, I need to upload all given documents (PDFs) to S3 and generate a .csv file with links to that PDFs.
After that, For OCR I need to use preconfigured BP – OCR for AE Specialist in Sub-Process -> Data Categorization.

It is generating results but it is not as expected, Some columns are missing in the generated result with this in “Event log” it is giving an error.

As from my side, there is no coding part, I am not able to understand why it is giving an error.

Please find the below screenshot of the error and link to BP for your reference.

OCR1.csv (341.0 KB)