After update to RPAExpress 2.1.1, the Date Picker is not popping out

Hi, WF,

I updated my RPA express to 2.1.1. And the date picker in a user task is not popping out. I did not see any javascripts error in the browser. is it a known issue? Also, how to set the default date to current day in a user task?


Hi @guoli_liqCsftB when doesn’t the pop up appear, in the ready manual task?
Could you share the screenshot of how it looks?

It is possible to set default value to current date:

- in the BP’s input data you need to have a variable that will store the current date

In this example, the bot received the date in the previous bot task that I published from the recorder, so I used default value ‘null’.

- add the variable name as default value in the Answer in the same format as it is used in the question.


When the worker receives the manual task, it will contain the value from the variable.

@guoli_liqCsftB do you still have issue with the popup not showing up? Could you share the screenshot?