All bots logging out of their RDP sessions


Has anyone seen this occur?

We are RDP’d into our Control Tower server, and we see all of our bots open in their own windows.

Eventually, one-by-one, each bot logs out and their window closes.

We restart Control Tower, and everything looks great, then after about 30 minutes, the same thing happens.

Any insight would be much appreciated!

Hello @Jim_Frost.
Was RPA Express installed on Server recently? How much additional bots you have on server? Did you change any settings for bots or Windows tasks?

Hi Lera,

RPA Express Pro has been installed for quite a long time (June last year). We have 12 bots.

No changes have been made. We are running 30-35 scripts per day, so we don’t make changes at the system level very frequently.

Do you have the latest RPA Express version 2.2.3? Did you see any exceptions before all RDP windows closed? Was any business process running during this time?
One more question: are all of Windows local users WorkFusionRPABot[X] added to the group “Remote Desktop Users”?

No, we are on 2.2. We haven’t had time to do the upgrade to 2.2.3.

No exceptions.

Sometimes BPs were running while the bots shutdown, and sometimes they were not.

Yes, all are in the “Remote Desktop Users” group.

Are you sure that you didn’t change anything in group policy that can limit RDP session to 30 minutes? Also I’d like to have a look at logs in folder C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs.

Hi @Jim_Frost.
One more question. Do you have any scheduled restart of your server where RPA Express is installed? Or automatic restart of RDP (Logon tasks settings) in case of failure?

Yes we have a scheduled restart at 8 AM ET. This error occurred at around 12 or 1 AM ET,

So your RDP windows for additional bots are closing in 4-5 hours after restart, correct? Do you have any limits for number of RDP connections in the server?

I don’t think the timing is relevant, but not 100% sure. This is the first time this has occurred, so not trying to imply any pattern.

No limits on RDP connections that we are aware of. We have a RDP license server in place.

Did the log files I sent have anything meaningful in them?

Understood, thank you. Unfortunately I didn’t find any exceptions in log files that can be related to this issue. So, this was one-off case and it didn’t repeat regularly. If you have it in regular base, I can create the request to support team.

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Sounds good! Thanks!

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