Anybody else getting a ton of errors with Move Mouse and IE?



Similar to my Chrome post, I just recorded myself clicking around in IE and it fails everytime there is a Move Mouse when I try to playback. I searched this forum for Move Mouse and didnt find anything so figured I would post it and see if anyone is having similar issues.



Please share the screen capture of error



Attaching error.


In the RPA Express there is a feature recapture the image tried to use that for one step and execute the action script




Please see the screen capture

Click on capture new Image



Is there anyway to capture without X + Y and just use Object Properties?



Workfusion wok on surface automation work on image and don’t capture the object properties as does by other RPA tool

Hope this will resolve yours querie



Thanks for the info. If Workfusion only does image X + Y axis automation, I dont think it’s going to be the tool for us. Screen resolution management would be a nightmare for all developers and automation virtual machines.


You can use action library as of today which will rely on underlying object.
Object detection is coming shortly, we looking for a way to add it in May.


Thanks for the info. After investigating WorkFusion further, I am not sure if this is going to be the tool for us going forward if things like this don’t exist in the too.


Hi Michael

Thank you for the feedback. As of today the capabilities which are allow you to rely on object properties are part of or flagship product Smart Process Automation (SPA). The strategy we are taking is to make RPA Express more and more robust and get more and more from SPA over time.
We will keep you updated on the next releases and coming features. In meantime you are very welcome to do SPA for your automation use-cases.