Application window and xpath

Hi all,
I am copying some data from webpage and using application open window, however it does not fetch the data even when using web elements.
Is the xpath only for action “Open Website”?


Yes, you need to include the web element action into an Open website action first

I am using window application because I am working with password protected website.
So with this window application, any other ways i can get the web data? I tried mouse drag but it is not so stable.

You can Open website and then use web element actions (set web element) to put user and password. Then use web element (get) to get the data via xpath.

So it is not possible to get web data using the window application?

If you open the page using Application actions, it will be possible to copy the data using mouse clicks and other image-based actions, and keystrokes, and saving the data from Clipboard to variables, but you will not be able to use xpaths. And, of course, it will be much less effective than xpath-based approach.

I am working on something similar as well.
As the script will be running on a common PC, I cannot store password in it.

In my case, after opening a website, if webpage contain “Click here for more product info”, i need to save that text in excel. Because the text position is not fixed, I can’t use click mouse position or mouse drag.

Any ways to do it without using xpath? Any advice?

It depends on the website.
I think you can use xpaths.

There is also an option in the Mouse click action to click on a link with a particular text. Perhaps, you can use it.