Are there are any REST APIs exposed by WorkFusion to execute the BOTs?

Hi team,
Please let me know whether there are any REST APIs exposed by Workfusion to execute the BOTs. So that, the bots can be executed/called by some orchestrator.

Can the workfusion bots be integrated with external platforms for e.g. Synbots?
Kindly let me know, what all are the possibilities for that.


Hi @amit_kumaramit there is WorkFusion REST API that we provide for SPA.
For RPA Express, we don’t provide official support for REST API, but you can try it here

You can find more details here

Hi ashapkina,

I’m unable to access the suggested url. Please help me out.


You need to be logged in Control Tower to access the url.

Can we trigger a workfusion bot/process from any external application/platform? Please guide for that.

Hi Alesia,

Can we externally provide an input to the business process, while invoking it using the REST API?


@amit_kumaramit we don’t offer such option now.