Assign Value to List variable


I have a excel shown below image and i need to store value under the header into List variable .
Also attach steps that i use and it is not work .


you can set value to string variable and after that use ‘Expression value -> Push (append)’ action. Values will be push to list variable.

Also you can delete header cell (it won’t be saved) and get entire column directly to the list variable.

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it’s works perfectly thanks a lot


hi @adyatlikov

I have to fill following google form. so how can i retrieve item data with for each ?
Give me a solution for fill that kind of form with retrieve List items .


it may be solved by following way:
varaible: list variable with all fields
open website:
(navigate to first field may be required)
for each item in list
enter keystrokes (from variable item)
sendkeys (‘tab’)

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@adyatlikov With that workaround Loop is useless, when type on “Create Password”


To use different sets of input data you may use excel (as in first message)
if some fields need to be skipped then just leave one empty row in a list
I hope it would help, if no, then please describe complete use-case and i will try to help

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Thanks for your response,
This is the example scenario that I have to automate,

1- Retrieve data from excel

2- Fill Data on google Form

3- In Excel Birthday field contain “11/2/1992”, so I have to split value and type it on birthday field correctly.

By the way If you can, contact me on my email. It will be helpful for me.


As I can see there are 3 problems to automate this ticket

  1. Skip references ‘I prefer to use my current email address’ and ‘Why?’
  2. Extract date separately
  3. Change month value from numerical to literal

List of my suggestions:

  1. Add empty row manually to excel file after username and create a password fields
    Or add empty row using script
  2. Use ‘if’ condition and ‘substring between’ action

Or ‘if’ condition and ‘Split String’ action

but using this way we won’t be able to solve problem №3

  1. Use set of ‘if’ conditions


Can I run this script with Control tower ?


yes, it’s possible
click ‘Publish to Control Tower’ button, then run Business Process inside Control Tower
please check this page in case of any questions about Control Tower