Assigning value to variable from a list

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I am trying to assign a value at a specific index from a list variable to a string variable “Expression” action. But when I select list variable i don’t get an option to mention the index . Please let me know how can i achieve this.

Hi Naveen, can you share the screenshot of the expression action?

I Am trying to read rows from excel and and assign the values to different variable.

@nsemwal looks like you should use Constant value action in this case.
If you use ‘For each’ I don’t think you need the index in this case.

Hi Ashapkina,

for example I have a sheet with data for three customers

|First Name|Last Name|Mobile Number|

|Demo1 | LAST1 |123457887|
|Demo2 |LAST2 |575675675|
|Demo3 |LAST3 |345646555|

 I am trying to read data from excel file and have stored the data in a variable of table data type. Now second step is to  iterate through table variable row by row and enter the data on a web portal for each row.
No I would assign firstName=row[0],last name = row[1] and so on.

and then web component value from these variables

You can use an index in this action if you need to.

Ok Ill try this I guess this will resolve my issue.

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Great :+1:
Let me know how this goes

I want it to display or assign the values automatically from 0 to 5( end) fro fro wach with out giving index … how can i do that…

Do you keep these values in a List? In this case you can use For Each loop.

Hi every one …
I have some string values and i want to store all string variables values to a single list variables .

any one help me.
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You can use Expression value to append a string value to a list.

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Hi every one…

Actually i face one problem and the problem is

I have some employee name in this excel sheet and by using this employee name i am searching the time sheet for each employee .

and get the time sheet data into list variables i.e for all date i used one list variables (day_date_col1) and for each days working hour i used one list variables(regularhours_col3) and get all this data.

(this is web table), day and date (this is day and date gat from web table into one list variables ), hours pre day perdayhrs (get from web table into one list variable) ,After getting day&date and hours per day , i stored this into one table variables append as a column and the table is .

After this the main work is that first name data(present in excel sheet i.e-Su, Alan D.
then i want to print the hours in corresponding day and date below in the second row for first employee) i want to do that for all employees . example-


Please help me this is urgent for me .
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Can i active the cell by its cell values.
Actually i have some employee name in excel sheet in the first column i.e column A and i get all this name into one list variables and active all those name using for each loop. For example for first iteration it active the cell A1 ,for Second iteration it active the cell A2 and so on. How do i do that.

Please tell me .
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You can define the coordinate of the cell in Excel through a Number variable and increment it by 1 in each iteration.


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Hi friends…
I have one more problem because i am new to workfusion so every day i am getting some new problem.

In a web page there are 10 links so i want to click each link one by one, the link may be increase or decrease in the next build . already i get all this link by using href attribute of an element and stored in to one list variable. so please tell me how to click on each link.

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