Assigning value to variable from a list


Hi ,

I am trying to assign a value at a specific index from a list variable to a string variable “Expression” action. But when I select list variable i don’t get an option to mention the index . Please let me know how can i achieve this.


Hi Naveen, can you share the screenshot of the expression action?


I Am trying to read rows from excel and and assign the values to different variable.


@nsemwal looks like you should use Constant value action in this case.
If you use ‘For each’ I don’t think you need the index in this case.


Hi Ashapkina,

for example I have a sheet with data for three customers

|First Name|Last Name|Mobile Number|

|Demo1 | LAST1 |123457887|
|Demo2 |LAST2 |575675675|
|Demo3 |LAST3 |345646555|

 I am trying to read data from excel file and have stored the data in a variable of table data type. Now second step is to  iterate through table variable row by row and enter the data on a web portal for each row.
No I would assign firstName=row[0],last name = row[1] and so on.

and then web component value from these variables


You can use an index in this action if you need to.


Ok Ill try this I guess this will resolve my issue.


Great :+1:
Let me know how this goes


I want it to display or assign the values automatically from 0 to 5( end) fro fro wach with out giving index … how can i do that…


Do you keep these values in a List? In this case you can use For Each loop.


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