Assignment 1 of workfusion

Hello Everyone,
I am on assignment 1 of Workfusion in which I need to fill in the google form. I have done it but I don’t know whether it is the right way of doing it. I have done it by using the web element after the Open website. I am sending you the screenshot wherein I have marked the XPath of the element. I have taken //input[@name=“entry.1319498857”] by right-clicking on your answer section of the first name and then clicking on inspect element. Then I copied the name written in inspect the element and pasted it in XPath of the element.
I have also tried it using built-in inspector but It is giving error while working.
Please help me out.

In assignment 1, you are supposed to use clicks on images and keystrokes, not web elements.

Also, Inspector works only with desktop applications’ UI, you cannot inspect web pages with it.

Hello mam,
I am having some problem in assignment 1. I am able to open it in internet explorer with the help of open website, then I used window activity and inside that window activity, I have used mouse and keyboard actions. But it is typing my first name on last name section and my last name on email section i.e. it is not able to locate the exact position for typing through mouse click. I am also sending the screenshot of my workflow.

Hello mam
I have done assignment 2 but I am facing one problem. Suppose I selected 1st checkbox with the help of mouse click activity but when I play the recording, it is clicking on 2nd,3rd or 4th checkbox arbitrarily. Please help me out.

Hello mam
I solved it

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