Assignment 1: Query in Amazon


I am trying to do the assignment of querying ipad, Motorola and Samsung galaxy in and fetch first five items of each of these categories . Please let me know which functionality i can use to get top 5 items. I am not able to use coordinates as each query is returning different coordinates. When using web element I am able to get the value ,but to get the seller and price details I have to click on the item using mouse click and ,mouse click is only possible using image and coordinates.
Please suggest


I could see I wrongly tagged this as Workfusion SPA , this is for Workfusion Express


You can use one of the 2 approaches:

  1. search for some constant ui element and make it an anchor for Mouse Click. Then use Mouse Scroll

  2. Copy the whole name of each top 5 product to a list. Then search for these names in a loop

In new RPA Express versions we will introduce Mouse Click by XPath which will simplify this assignment.

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@azinchuk when to expect this mouse click by XPath feature?


about the beginning of July



I am also having difficulty with this assignment. I am using a generic term for the purposes of this, the search term being food. I am unable to get the name of the product to paste into my excel sheet.

Example xPath: //*[@id=“result_0”]/div/div/div/div[2]/div[2]/div[1]/a/h2

I have attached a picture of my current code.

Has anyone had difficulty with this as well?



mouse click by XPath is available in 1.1.3 release -


Hi George,

I am also having some difficulties with this. I want to know how I can get the Xpath of the entire search results and paste it to Excel. Appreciate if you can share how you managed to settle this issue