Assignment 10, dynamic naming and opening document


I’m having a problem for assignment 10. So what I want to do is:

Create an excel, works
Save and name the excel with todays date and current time, works (“ExcelFile 20190108 14:39.xlsx”)
Open the excel, problem!

I need to make RPAE understand that it needs to open the excel file not based on a permanent name, but on the name based on the date and time. Since the date and time and hence name of the file will be different every time it’s run.

You can create a new filename using Constant value action

Thanks for the reply Ashapkina! It turns out the formula was correct, but the problem was that RPA Express can’t open files from our cloudbased user disk. I need to test it further and try to figure it out.

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Try specifying the full path to the shared file, like:


@ErikW did you manage to solve this issue?

Hi, managed to make it work thanks.

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Glad you made it work.

Did the above suggestion help you or did you find another solution?

It worked out by writing H:\ manually.

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