Assignment 4: Building bot tasks with RPA Express

I’m trying to figure out how to get the “learn”, “try” etc buttons in the google doc to be ticked in based on the data in a table. However I’m having some problems.

I created a nested if condition where:

${users(6,pluskolumn)} equals= Learn

, if true then it should click the button in the doc, if not move on to the next if. But I’m getting an error. I suppose something is wrong with the condition, but what? Any ideas?

Hi @ErikW

Is ${users} the table variable you use? Then try this expression ${users.get(6,pluskolumn)}

In the script, you need to use Loops, so you can also use it like this:

For each ${column} in ${users}: IF ${column[6]} equals= Learn

It works! Great, thanks ashapkina.

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Hi ashapkina.

That would work if all the “users” selected learn, but what if I want a different option for each one?

You can use several If conditions and provide for each possible scenario, like in this example

Thanks, at the end I did using loops instead if-else

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