Audit trail and Password Vault



What audit and security features will RPA Express have?
RPA Express offers user/role management so visibility, access and control can be segregated amongst teams as required. There’s also a built-in password vault for connected systems and applications to limit the exposure of credentials if necessary. RPA Express also keeps an audit trail of all user actions in the system.

where can I find he password vault and audit trail?
the password vault is a critical issue for our use case as we need the bot to access multiple systems and do not want to expose the credentials.


@Qi_Zhou_Singtel - please check the Secure Storage menu -


@azinchuk, awesome. if I store system access user name and password in the secure storage, how to use it in recorder to login to systems then? or eventually how to use it in control tower?


Currently, you cannot use Secure Storage directly from recorder. Ther is a feature request for that - Password variables [vote] - you can vote for it.

The Secure storage documentation is here -
(accessible for WorkFusion SPA users only)


I have saved my login and password credentials in secure storage. But how to access them using RPA Recoder. I want to automate the login into a webpage. I want to make the password secure.


it has not been implemented yet.

This topic has only 2 votes - please vote for it to see it in RPA Recorder sooner!