Auto Login to remote BOTs


After i create BOT and schedule the same in Control tower, is it possible to run the solution in a remote machine which is logged off? I mean, can RPA express auto login to remote machine, execute the solution and then log off automatically? If yes, can someone please explain the steps in details?



Thanks for your question. Currently the RPA Express bot cannot auto log in, but you can make the RDP/Citrix/etc. log in a part of your script.


@azinchuk, Thanks for your response. So when you say, it has to be part of script, you mean we need to use image based method to RDP?


yes, you are right


Is there any roadmap or plan to have this auto login feature as part of RPA express? Without this, we will not be in a position to move lot of solutions to production.


I wouldn’t count on it. You’ll need to figure out how to do it via keystrokes.

Also, creating executables to run on the remote host destination works well. You can place them there by going to \computername\ (assuming you have permissions) in file explorer.


I was expecting a feature provided by other RPA tools like Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UiPath where they claim they can able to auto logon to locked remote machine and trigger the solution. Does Workfusion SPA has this feature?


No. Workfusion != AA or UIpath. I don’t know about Blue Prisms offerings.

You see, workfusion is targeting the cognitive automation part of the market. Think “higher level” stuff. Their free offering of RPAeX is to counter their competitors. Its a loss leader where they say “oh you want that? Give us moneys and use SPA!” Its really a brilliant marketing move. It is also way less mature.

UIpath and AA are both c# apps which give them a distinct advantage on windows machines. Since workfusion is in Java, it is handicapped in the windows arena. Now, I haven’t tried to implement an app to work while the machine is locked/asleep, but I would assume that this is the reason.