Automate MS outlook workflow: read new mail, download & read attachment


Is it possible for RPA Express to complete below workflow:

  1. Open MS outlook
  2. Check new emails
  3. Read email content (from, to, subject, body) and write to Excel
  4. Download attachment if any
  5. Read the content of the attachment if it’s a .pdf or Word (.doc or .docx) and write to Excel.


@thangnguyen - yes, you can automate such flow using RPA Recorder.

Note: for selecting and copying text from email, word or pdf you will need to use keyboard:

There is also a possibility to read and copy content using RPA scripts, but this approach requires programming skills.

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@azinchuk - thanks. Do you know where should I start to understand the possibility of using RPA scripts?

You can start with reading the docs:

Watching videos:

Running examples in RPA Recorder:

Running process examples in Control Tower:

Hi, are there Outlook plugin/actions for RPA Express?

Hello azinchuk!
I wanna do filter in OutLook mails that contain attachments, please tell me How can I do it?

Hi @Pavel_Tsyganov

You can filter using Outlook functionality. This is how it looks like on my end.

Please let us know if that helps.


I am a bit confused on How to automate outlook flow using RPA recorder.
Do we have any actions for this which i need to import or some thing
or shall i record whole reading email process using recorder one by one?

Can you please elaborate more on automating this please.

Hi @nudamleoMynsfq
you would use the “launch application” action to launch Outlook (for example: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\OUTLOOK.EXE”) and then keystroke or mouse actions to do whatever you want to within Outlook

But with keystrokes how will I come to know what’s the subject of that email?

I need to filter out mail with particular subject on current date and then read the body.

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with the new Object recording feature, you do not need keystrokes anymore - since RPAx 2.0