Automate SAP Application with RPA Express


Can we Automate SAP Application with RPA Express properly? Have you performed testing with SAP applications? I plan to start a new project to Automate SAP application and I need to know about what are the dependencies when a automate SAP application with RPA Express. And I appreciate to work with WorkFusion with my company.


@azinchuk @amashentsev help me please , or contact me a necessary person.


can you please provide more details about your business case and what RPA Express version you are using?

I am using RPA Expess Version 1.1.1-beta. The business case is simple and I need to retrieve data from excel and I have to fill the data in SAP application. I need to confirm WorkFution RPA Express can automate the SAP applications. The project is in POC level, If can please provide me your email I is very useful to me.

it is workable. I have tried it for a couple of functions in SAP: approve SWP, raise service entry, send service entry for approval etc. it is the same case, retrieve data from excel and fill the data in SAP.

however, when switching between SAP and excel, it is very slow. it is even slower when the process is run in control tower ==> this is a known issue and not sure when workfusion can fix it. if your daily vol is very big, then the speed is going to be a problem

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Have you found any workaround? Regarding this slowness issue?
And also is there any limitations when automate SAP Application? @Qi_Zhou_Singtel

No walkaround on the slowness. WF team say they are improving it. not sure when that can be done

so far for sap automation, not much limitation. mainly using the basic actions

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So are you feel comfortable on RPA Express and SPA Application automation

have not tried spa yet

Sorry I mean SAP Applications

“Comfortable” is a word that hard to define :slight_smile:

for my use case, it works.

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Hi @Qi_Zhou_Singtel, I am also new to RPA. May I know your automation between SAP and RPA is done by programming? Or kind of on-screen-mouse-movement-record + image-recognition method? Thanks. I am looking for opportunities other than SAP …

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We can not automate SAP Screens using Selenium . we have to use QTP or I already done a POC with RPA express it’s looks ok .

@jaydenc no programming used at all…

I have used RPA Express to automate multiple transactions that I run for system check. It is a fairly smooth but slow ride. I am yet to figure out how to code and use variables in order to make RPA express more accessible.

Hi Lasitha, if need support on SAP automation please contact me on my personal e-mail below, and I might help you with the same. I am aready working on SAP automation since sometime (directly from excel) which is really efficient and working perfectly. So, if you still need help on the same. please contact me.

When you say “SAP”, which UI - sapgui, nwbc, Fiori or sapui5?


@Qi_Zhou_Singtel I can not use workfusion on SAP sysytem, even if click image. I can click desktop, web use click image, Could you tell me what should I do? Thanks