Automated Migration Failed

I have been working on two parts of a project on two different laptops. When I finally got around to bringing them together, I got the following error:

"This file was created with older program version, and automated migration failed. Try to update version manually using text editor.

Reason: No migrator found for release"

Is there supposed to be a migrator for that release, or does it have to be done manually?

@ashtonmohns In which version of RPA express was the recording created?
Could you post the screenshot of the error?

I’m sorry, I realized where my error occurred.
On one laptop I had recently downloaded RPA Express, so I had the version 1.4.0, but on the other I had an older version (1.2.0, I believe). Because of this, I got an error message when trying to import a file to the older version that was created in the newer one. I went and updated the older version, and now it seems to be working fine.