Automating the Business Process course assignments discussion

Hi @abrakovich,

For the assignment 5, Can you tell me how can I access RPA? When I opened WorkSpace from Intelligent Automation Cloud, it shows me following screen:

In the example here’s how screen should look like:

Simply, how can I access the Workspace application needed for assignment 5?

Thank you!

Hi! You have to publish this bot in Control Tower, add it to existing BP with previous bots, run the whole BP. After it the manual task will be available in Workspace.

Help on For Each Loop.

The training material is using List which is generally an easy way to use For Each Loop but using it on Tables is confusing.

It’s either giving me the entire Row Value ( [Data, Data] , [Data, Data]) or it is stuck Looping a Single Row from the Table on multiple Text Box.

Can anyone explain how I can achieve this?
Looping and Inputting a Column of Data after which it is done it will proceed to the next Column?

Thank you!