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Can somebody help me with Assignment #assignment4. The main problem is that i have created file for upload in .csv format with links to html invoices. AND after upload data file and preview task on the Design tab I do not see any Invoices. Moreover, when I run this task and go to the Workspace and Accept the task I also do not see any invoice so that I can’t complete these manual tasks.
Could you please explain what goes wrong?

Please, provide some screenshots of the steps, which you are doing.

  1. Uploaded Data
  2. Design tab
  3. Data file
  4. Workspace
  5. Accepted task

Anything else?

Seems you missed something from the assignment:

  • Copy the BP, created in previous step.
  • Add a rule to split data in two parts: parsed invoices and not parsed invoices.
  • Use the following condition: “if date is not equal to “None” go to the end, otherwise - go to Manual Task”.
  • Create Manual Task, based on Information Extraction Answer Type.

Check all this steps. If it is correct, why you use .html files as input data, not .pdf?

These steps were done as well and successfully.
.html was used ONLY because there was mentioned that files should be in .html format (according to training viedo). I’ll try with .pdf and come back.
Thank you!

Well, now the final result(after copied BP execution and splitted rule) is better but still is not displayed.

The Design Tab should be the same as provided on your 2nd picture of previous post.

Hello , can I test manual task without the WorkSpace’s License ?

You have 1 license for all RPAx parts and they are available after the license expiring.

I don’t get to execute the assignment 4. My workflow identifies the invoices it’s needs manually identification of some parameters, but the manual task it’s not created. When I open the WorkSpace show me a message saying "No tasks available, find other task available " or something like this. I created my own manual task following de steps presented in this topic.

Try to find them in “Miscellaneous Tasks”. Or use search to find them by tags.

I could not to find. Is there how you send me the manual taks ?

Please,provide the screenshots of the steps.

In the last screenshot you have to choose Tasks tab (upper left corner - because now you are in Dashboard tab) and find the task there.


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There is no manual task there !