Automation Challenge #1: Meet the winners and their bots!


UPDATE: The winning scripts are attached below!

Hi All!

We hope you enjoy a good challenge, because Automation Challenge Series is here!
You have an opportunity to win a $500, $300 or $200 Amazon gift card while mastering your RPA skills.

The first challenge this year is BOT vs. BOX!

What do you need to do?
Play Tic Tac Toe using an RPA Express bot in an online game or app and WIN!

What software will you need?
For the challenge, you will only need RPA Express and any website or app where you can play the game.

Where can you sign up for the challenge?
You can register for the challenge on this page. Here, you can also read about the rules, see the websites where you can play the game, and find other useful information.

Submission deadline is Thursday, March 22, 11:00 AM EST.

In you have any questions about the challenge, feel free to ask them in this thread.

Good luck!
RPA Express Team


Can we use image-based actions only or Web actions with XPath?


Nice hint @azinchuk :rofl:

But I think the most challenging is the “win” part. Remember War Games from 1993?


You are free to use any actions from the action library.


The deadline for the automation challenge in nearing.
Please submit your scripts by Thursday, March 22, 11:00 AM EST.

Good luck!


Hi do you just send an email to to submit?

As I have not received a confirmation email that they received my submission?


Laumer, yes, we have received your submission. Thank you!


Thank you, Good luck to everyone else. And may the best bot win!


Hello, I’m having problems with the video of the bot.

I’m from Spain and tomorrow until the evening I won’t be able to do nothing.

Is it possible to delay the deadline just one day?



Hi Jose,
Sure, no problem :grinning:
Looking forward to your submission!



About the software that we can use.

Can people use SPA in order to develop the challenge?



No, it has to be done using RPA Express.

We have stopped accepting submissions for this challenge, but we are announcing another challenge this week during a webinar on Thursday.
Of course, it will also be posted on the forum.


will you post the video’s of the bots that won here?


Sure, we’ll post links to the winning videos.


Hi everyone,

Just reminding you that we will announce the winners of the challenge during the webinar starting at 10am EST today.

We’ll also write about them and post the videos of their winning bots here on the forum.


Thanks everyone who took their time to participate in the 1st Automation challenge this year! :grinning:

You have sent us a lot of solution, each of them interesting and using different approaches.

Here are the three winners, and their Bots:

1st place - Alexander Haiduk, who used RegEx expressions and external knowledge base stored in Excel to monitor the current game positions and define the next bot step.

2nd place - Saranya Lakshmi Narayana, who used Minimax strategy to create a winning bot.

3rd place - Laumer Johnson who used strategic win vs. lucky win approach.

Once again big thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge.
Please feel free to post the videos of your bots here if you want other users to check them out.

And don’t worry if you didn’t win or didn’t have a chance to participate - 2nd Automation Challenge will start soon!


Hello, first of all congrats to the winners.

I would like to know how the second one was porgramed, if you want to use the minimax algorithm you need to program the recursion algorithm. How can it be done on RPA express??


@joreian We will post the scripts here.

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Congrats to the winner. Thank you for the opportunity, had a lot of fun making the robot and the video!

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Congratulations, Laumer! Great job :+1: