Automation Challenge #1: Meet the winners and their bots!


Hi everyone,

As promised, we are publishing the winning scripts.
Please find below the bots that won 1st and 2nd places. (14.4 KB)
Note: you need to define the path the KB Excel file. (2.1 KB)

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Would have been nice to pit the bots against each other…seems that nr two only catered if he starts…pity but good effort overall

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@ashapkina Even after defining the path to KB Excel file, the bot is not playing tic-tac-toe after opening the website. Could you please suggest what could be missing?


@stuti.verma Does the progress indicator at the bottom right corner show the actions sequence?
The script uses regular expressions, and they can be a bit slow, so you need to wait for the bot to calculate the next move.


Yes, everything is working, fine. No error is thrown. Also, I think there’s an infinite loop running. Is there any variable missing or needs to be added?


I checked it again - it works, but you need to wait. It works a bit slowly because of regex.


Here is a small blog post about our first Automation challenge: