Automation Challenge #2: Meet the winners!


UPDATE: The winning scripts are attached below!

Our 2nd Automation Challenge is here!
This time, it is Business Card Crunch.

Create an end-to-end solution for digitizing your business cards and populating your contact database and win a $500, $300 or $200 Amazon gift card.

What is the task?
Develop a bot that digitizes the data from your business cards and enters it into a Salesforce account.

What will you need?
For the challenge, you will need to use:

  • the set of business cards that we have prepared for you
  • a Salesforce account
  • and, of course, RPA Express.

Where can you sign up?
Register for challenge on our website. Here, you can also read about the rules, download the business cards and find the link to register a trial Saleforce account.

Submission deadline is Friday, April 13th 11:00am EST.

Good luck!
And may the best bot win,

RPA Express Team


Don’t forget that the deadline for the second Automation Challenge is tomorrow, Friday 13th! :wink:

Send your scripts to, and may the best bot win!


@ashapkina do we have this kind of challenges with SPA


Not yet. But it will be great to organize them if you and other users are interested.
Thanks for an idea :grinning:

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we will participate for sure

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Hi @ashapkina,

Salesforce site introduce Captcha on their site, we can’t automate now :frowning:


Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot to all who took the time to participate in the second challenge.
A lot of you must have already heard the winners during the webinar and had a chance to check out their videos, but for those who haven’t here are the links:

1st place - for the second time, it is Alexander Haiduk

2nd place - John van Dijk

3rd place - Vivek Mishra

What is the link explaining about Automation Challenge 3?

Also wanted to notice that in this automation challenge we got the first submission from a team:

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Thanks @ashapkina, @prashant_h, @mehar_singhjUg.

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You can find the winning scripts below.

Remember that you need to insert correct Salesforce usernames/passwords and file paths for the scripts to work. (889.2 KB) (798.2 KB) (1.2 MB)

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Hi @ashapkina

How to register as a team?


Hi Shirin,

If you want to work as a team, you should all register for the challenge separately, but in the submission of your final solution you should write that it is a team submission and list all team members (with emails that they used to register for the challenge).

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