Automation Challenge #3: Meet the Winners and their bots!


Hi Everyone :grinning:
The 3rd Automation Challenge is launched. This time, Let’s get Personal!

You need to create a bot that would become your personal assistant, but for this challenge, there are no definite rules as to what exactly it should do - the sky is the limit.

The only 2 rules we have for it are:

  1. It needs to be help you in your everyday personal or professional life.
  2. It has to be developed using RPA Express (RPA recorder).

Where can you sign up for the Challenge?
As always, you need to pre-register on our website, where you can also read all the details about the challenge.

Submission deadline is Wednesday, May 9th, 5:00pm EST.

Good luck!
And may the best bot win,

RPA Express Team


Hi all!

Thanks a lot to everyone who took their time to participate in this Automation Challenge.

We will announce the winners next Tuesday, on May 22nd.

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In case you didn’t receive the email, here is the link to register for the webinar


I got a confirmation email that link to webinar will be sent 15 minutes prior to the start. But I didn’t receive it.


thank you for letting know, looking into it right now.


@stuti.verma We checked again - the link was sent to you, not really sure why it wasn’t delivered. Sorry for that.
We will send the recording of the webinar shortly.


@ashapkina Okay. When are you posting winners on the forum?


@ashapkina When exactly will you share webinar video?

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When would the winners be published?


Hi everyone,

Once again, thank you for taling your time to participate in the challenge.

Here are the links to the winning solutions:

1st place - Vladislav Sadykov

2nd place - Vivek Mishra

3rd place - Laumer Johnson


@stuti.verma the video should be uploaded on the website this week. We’ll also send the link to everyone who registered for the webinar.


How can we get access to the scripts for these? Very impressive!


I will post the scripts here by the end of the week.

Data Scraping in RPA Express

Here are the scripts of the winning submissions.

Remember that you will need to insert correct filepaths and replace some images in order to make the scripts work.

Let’ (29.3 KB)

Let’ (412.3 KB)

Let’ (180.8 KB)

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