Automation Challenge #4: Meet the winners and their scripts!


Hi everyone!

Automation Challenge #4 is here, and this time you need to automate your inbox :email:

What are the rules?
Any idea you can come up with is welcome. We have only two rules:

  1. You need to use Microsoft Outlook email application
  2. You cannot use built-in Outlook rules functionality

And, of course, the script has to be developed using RPA Express Recorder capabilities.

What are the prizes?:
As usual, three winning entries will receive a $500, $300, or $200 Amazon gift cards.

Where can you sign up for the Challenge?
As always, you need to pre-register on our website, where you can also read all the details about the challenge.

Submission deadline is Friday, June 15th, 5:00pm EST.

Good luck!
And may the best bot win,

RPA Express Team

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Can I use any other email service/other email client? ex: gmail instead of Outlook



Hi @kmkumar1, no, you should only use Outlook for this challenge.


Hi everyone,

The deadline is almost there. Hurry up and send your solutions at :email:


Hi All!

Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in the challenge.

This time, based on the video submissions and the scripts, we selected two winning submissions.

1st Place - Krishna

2nd Place - Vimesh

Congratulations to the winners!

We will post the winners’ scripts here shortly.


Congrats Vimesh & Krishna…

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Thank you Syam :grinning:

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Congrats Vimesh


Congrats Krishna & Vimesh!

Alesia, will you be able to respond to my questions regarding Challenge #3? I find it a bit weird that the advertised price (a trip to NYC Ascend event that took place prior to the announcement of the winners) will not be replaced by anything else which has equivalent value. Looking forward to your response.


Hi @vladislav_sazB, the events team will contact you shortly regarding the prizes.


Thank you Vlad!!

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As promised, here are the winning scripts: (1.9 MB) (83.2 KB)

The scripts were made in RPA Express 2.0.0 ans edited in RPA Express 2.0.3.

Don’t forget that you will need to insert paths to file, change images and some other settings (depending on your system) for the scripts to work on your PC.