Automation Challenge #4


Dear RPA Express Users,
Some of you have already signed up for our automation challenges. You can sign up to participate here: We will also post the challenges to the forum from now on. This week’s problem is as follows -

The Challenge #4 Problem - Avoid the Mines!

We’re going old school this week. We’d like you to automate the game Minesweeper.
Things to note:

  • You can use the online version -
  • You can choose the Level “Beginner”
  • You can start the game again multiple times as part of your recording to keep trying till you succeed. The goal is to suceed atleast once!

The deadline for entries for Challenge is: June 26th, 2017 at 5pm EST. Our panel of experts will select winners and if your entry is selected, you will be notified via email on July 3rd, 2017. We may choose to showcase your entry on our Website.

Your entry will be judged on, but not limited to the following categories: Effectiveness (how well your solution is designed), Innovation (what additional features or steps you considered), Presentation quality (screencast quality, sub-titles and sound quality).


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Challenge is closed now.