Automation Engineer Specialist learning path launch


Dear trainees,

We’re excited to announce a new learning path: Automation Engineer Specialist!

AE Specialist is a key role in the success of an automation project delivery. Following this path you will gain these skills and insights:**

  • Deep knowledge of use case and RPA dependencies
  • Understand DEV process and how to effectively cooperate with RPA DEV peers
  • Full understanding of bot core
  • Skills in various types of RPA applications
  • Ability to design an RPA project
  • Skills in exceptions handling
  • OCR tuning skills
  • Ability to enforce a qualitative Training Set as the starting point of an ML solution
  • How to improve a model based on data analysis while following a WorkFusion ML solution workflow
  • How to use WorkFusion AutoML components as an ML solution

This path replaces the RPA Specialist and RPA Developer learning paths with an emphasis on RPA and ML skills combination. Here is how learning paths and courses sequence looks now:

Certificates conversion scheme

RPA Specialist and RPA Developer paths will be closed on February 15, 2019. Your current certificates will be converted. Please note that AE Specialist distinctive feature is a combination of RPA and ML skills, so certified Developers have to pass Machine Learning Basics and ML Automation courses additionally. After passing ML modules, AE Specialist certification is required for completion.

  1. If you are certified as RPA Specialist, you have to complete all the steps in AE Specialist path in order to get a new certificate.
  2. If you are certified as RPA Developer, you have to complete steps 5-7 in the new path.
  3. If you are certified as RPA Developer and ML Engineer, your certificates will be converted automatically. Well done!

Please complete outgoing tracks before February 15 in order to get a converted certificate.

Java Screening Test termination

Automation Academy will not require to pass Java screening test via TestDome starting January 16, 2019.

Still, we expect trainees to have the following skills:

  • Experience with RPA products (even Selenium) is a big plus
  • Technical production Java background required:
    • code-review, build tools(Maven, Jenkins), VCS(git)
    • proficiency in IDEs (Eclipse/IDEA), Atlassian stack
  • Good knowledge of how to handle exceptions in Java
  • Proven developer experience with SQL
    • knowledge of JOINs, WHERE, GROUP BY/HAVING
    • nested expressions, aggregates, normal forms
  • Knowledge of HTTP(s) protocol
  • Machine Learning basics knowledge is a big plus
  • Experience working with common data formats in Java: JSON, XML/HTML, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, CSV, TXT
  • Experience in regular expressions and XPath
  • Linux command-line experience required. Able to use SSH to view logs, restart Linux servers/services
  • Knowledge OOP and design patterns
  • Ability to design reusable code and find libraries
  • Absolute disgust to spaghetti-code


You can ask technical questions using this category with tag ae-specialist. Please browse the Forum prior to posting your issues as there might be solutions from other students as well :slight_smile:

Please feel free to share your feedback and experience on the new path under this post.

Best regards,
Automation Academy team