Automation of SAP process

Hi @ashapkina,

we are looking into opportunities of building robots for SAP-based processes.
Can you please explain workfusion best practice on building towards SAP? Does object inspector support SAP interface? Or should we use screen scraping automation? What is it possible to do with RPA Express towards SAP?



Hi Alex

You can automate SAP UI using keystrokes and clicks on images and coordinates.

We are now actively working on object inspecting feature for SAP. This functionality will be available in RPA Express in Q1 2019.

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@aleksandrs.bogdanovs we have released RPA Express with SAP support.
Hope it will improve automation of your SAP processes greatly.
Automation is done the same way as with other desktop applications - via Inspector.

Thank you for information! Great news and congrats on new release. Have already informed our Baltics team. :slight_smile:

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Great! :grinning: please ask your colleagues to share their feedback, too - it will really help us improve it further.