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Hi Everyone.
I want to open one url in that one video file is there, so when the video is playing I need to open the screen recorder and record the screen until the video stops (length of the video changes every time). So here my question is that how to give the wait condition dynamically every time based on the video length .

Hi everyone …
Please give me some idea about this or give me any alternative idea about this problem . its very important for me.
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You cannot define the wait period dynamically.
Perhaps, you can use a Wait for Image action in this case, if there is some unique image that only appears at the end of the video.

It’s OK,
But how many time i need to give in wait up to field ,because the length of the video is change every time(like 30 , 20, 60, 80 …minutes ).

You can put it in a While loop so it will repeat the loop and wait till the image is found.

Yes i do like same , i am taking the pause image (when url is start video directly start play and when the video is finished the play symbol become pause pause ) and put it on while loop but its not working .

Can you share the screenshot of your actions flow and the image that you use in the Wait for Image action?

Sure ,Sorry for the late reply.
This is my action flow

and i am use the following image:

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What happens? Does it continue the loop endlessly?

Yes, the execution process not executed properly , Actually i am trying to implements the logic like while the image is true the browser is close .But its not working . image
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@Jitendriya what exactly is not working in the script?
Does it show an error when executing? Does it continue to execute the Wait for Image action after the video has stopped and the image is present on the screen?

Yes ,Exactly after ending the video the pause image appear on the screen but it continue to execute the wait for image action .

It looks like it cannot find the image. Are you sure the image looks on the screen the same as the one used in the action?
Also, you can try to set a lower image recognition threshold in the Preference.

Yes i am used same image ,Can you tell me how to set lower image recognition .

You can do it in RPA Recorder Preferences.

Ok , i will do it and let you know .

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Hi @ashapkina
I was try but its not working ,i thing the bot not recognized the image while the video is paused.
Is there any other way to do this . Can i wait the bot using custom script.
Thank you…