BCB Bundle Maven project import error in Studio

Good day,

I am getting error “Unable to find service to process this kind of project” when trying to run Bot task.
The bot runs fine on the same project on another developer machine and what we discovered is the original eclipse files (.classpath and .project) got delete as part of .gitignore entries. similar files were created when importing Bundle into Studio as “Maven project”, but the recreated files are not exactly the same. The new files created when importing the project don’t have Workfution nature entriy " com.workfusion.studio.mcb.mcbProjectNature" in .project and classpath entry “” in .classpath

  1. How do I tell Eclipse to recognize a project as a Workfusion Bundle project when importing?
  2. Is there a plugin of some sort that will introduce a “Workfusion Bot task Bundle project” in the import menu and that should be used rather than importing as Maven project?

even i’m getting same error, @kalabase: did you find solution for it?

My problem was because after import the project to eclipse, was missing one Libraries reference: WorkFusion Libraries.
I just added the library and update the Order and Export. considering a similar project as reference.
This steps fixed my problem.

Yes same solution from my side…

> 1. add <nature>com.workfusion.studio.mcb.mcbProjectNature</nature> to .project file
> 2. add <classpathentry exported="true" kind="con" path="WF_LIBS_SUPPORT"/> to .classpath

But ideally we shouldn’t be doing this manually there is something missing in the workfusion studio that the developers need to add

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