Best & bug free version of RPA Express?


We have come so far & seen so many good changes & fixes happening to RPA Express 2.0+ ver.

But I would like to know currently which version is stable & having all the latest features like secrets vault etc.

Currently I’m using 2.10 ver. It is mostly fine but it sometimes hangs up for a few minutes on win 7, something like this used to happen with keystrokes in previous version of RPAEXP. also.

Any one here, shall I upgrade or downgrade?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @DesertEagle
Unless you really face a client impacting showstopper in the version you use (and you know it didnt exist in a previous version) I would not recommend downgrading in any case. Newer versions are in general more bug-free and have more functional features. Of course, all is relative, new bugs in newer versions appear but old ones are fixed. In our client we are still on 1.4 and we did not upgrade yet as there was no functional need and we have not found any specifically bothering bugs in their processes. We are a bit risk adverse in this case: if there is no urgent need we would not upgrade (yet…). But in any case we would also never downgrade. Kind of a grey answer, I know…I still hope it helps to make up your mind a bit.


@DesertEagle the latest version is 2.1.1. It contains bug fixes for custom actions and secrets vault

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@timriewe thanks both for the reply, I see :slight_smile:

Can I ask for 1 particular change with RPA Express… there are some clients who doesn’t want excel & they want to automate directly from the invoice(pdf).

Can we have a version where we can ocr several pdf not just 1 at a time, as there anchor regions, capture would be the same for each pdf. For ex, I have to get the data from 100 pdf & I only capture 1 pdf & then same values (anchor region, coordinates from capture) would be the same for other 99 pdf files then we paste those values onto website one by one just like from excel we do :slight_smile:

@DesertEagle you can save paths to your pdf file in a list variables, and then use For Each loop to open each file and use OCR on it.

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