Best Practice before running a recording



Everyday, the first run of recording fails without any consistent reason. However, when i re-run, it executes successfully. Are there any dependencies on system resources ( I am running it on Octacore Processor with 16 GB RAM Windows server 2008 R2 operating system). Can the latency be the cause which may get introduced because of Wi Fi/LAN connection. I access the system through Remote Desktop Connection.

Are there any best practices to follow before running the recording?



Can you share your recording zipped folder here?

Please also attach the error message here.

Are all the applications that your bot interacts with up and running before you run the execution?



Yes all the application are running well. Infact, it runs successfully from recorder after we restart. It always fail if this is run from control tower. Please find attached the zipped log and recording folder. Error message mostly refers to failed image. But runs successfully in the second (1.2 MB) (9.0 MB)



You Recorder log has the following error:

Window '[CLASS:#32770;TITLE:Microsoft Visual Basic]' is not found

So actions 11,12,13 seem to produce this error.

And by the way, switching to Excel window and hitting Enter 3 times looks redundant:



Thanks for the reply.

Its not the same excel with three enters. It is related to add-ins issue because of older versions. However, they are required. It runs well in recorder though.