Best way to produce a csv file




Suppose we are looping through different records from where we extract data . Extracted data is stored in differents string variables (for example : name, address, phone, city … )

What is the best way to produce a csv from those differents varables knowing they change their value for each processed record during ther loop ?

Thanks for your advises


To complete my request, what is best practice : populate a table, write in an excel file , … ?

Thanks for your advise



Both ways are good.


Hi Sacha @azinchuk

I understand both way (and some others) are possible

Do you have recommendation on how to do it : what is WF team recommendation to produce CSV ? Is there a recommended way to do it ?

By the way, I’m thinking of doing a “how-to” containing all tips and tricks I found in this forum and not found in Kb

So if you have a recommended and easy way to produce CSV I will include it in there :slight_smile:



it is easier to do it in Excel