Beta feature: Secure Storage in WorkFusion Studio

RPA Express 2.0.2 has an option to use Secure Storage in WorkFusion Studio.
This is a beta feature, and it is disabled by default.

To enable Secure Storage in the Studio:

  1. Close WorkFusion Studio
  2. Go to C:\RPAExpress\Studio\configuration
  3. Open file config.ini for editing
  4. Add com.workfusion.featureflag.secret=true at the end of the file
  5. Save the file
  6. Open WorkFusion Studio

To use Secure Storage:

  1. Go to Window - Preferences - WorkFusion Studio - Secure Storage
  2. Click Add to create a record. One record can hold 2 secure values:

If you only need 1 secure value, you can leave the other one empty.

You can then assign these values to recorder variables and use them in the recording.

The .xml recording file contains only the Alias and not the values themselves and retrieved them only during the runtime.

Note: Secure Storage is still a beta feature and doesn’t work in recordings published to Control Tower, only in WorkFusion Studio.

Please share your thoughts on this feature and feel free to post you feedback here.

I tried to use the Secure Storage but it behaved abruptly.
The value that I added for one Alias were being shown for all the aliases in several tries.
After I deleted the Alias that I added first and added new aliases it stopped picking up values from Secure Storage and started using NULL.

Hi @vaibhav_a1YTwn,

Please close the Studio, then reopen it from the tray menu and try to run a recording with an Alias for which it couldn’t pick up value before. Does it work?

If the Secure Storage picked up the new values after restarting, then it is a known issue we have in this build.
It is already fixed and will be included in the new version we are planning to release next week.

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Starting from RPA Express 2.1.0, this feature is available by default.