Blank Output Data with "Excel Action Library" operations while using within "If-Else condition" [version 1.1.5 with both builds 302 & 303]



There is an issue with “Excel Action Library” operations while using within “If-Else condition” in version 1.1.5 build 302 & 303. It generates Blank Output Data.

For example “Get Range” operation Output BLANK data into Table variable when used Inside an If-Else condition, while it works perfectly fine if it is used Outside If-Else condition.


Snippet of Excel Data:


Here is the snippet of log of attached program which reads the inputData.xlsx file with 3 rows and 2 column data:

Table data populated from INSIDE If condition:

[[, , ], [, , ], [, , ]]

Table data populated from OUTSIDE If condition:

[[Name, Age], [X, 25.0], [Y, 30.0]]

Similar behavior observed for the “Get Cell Value” operation.

NOTE: It used to work fine in version 1.1.4.

Is there any workaround or is it a bug in version 1.1.5?

Attached are required files to replicate the issue. (23.5 KB)


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the issue you reported is confirmed.
As a workaround you can use the way as in the attached (23.2 KB)


@amashentsev Thanks for the workaround, is there any tentative timeline by when the new build is expected with solutions to most of the issues being reported in version 1.1.5 release?

RPA Express version 1.1.5 is rolled out