Blank Output Data with "Excel Action Library" operations while using within "If-Else condition" [version 1.1.5 with both builds 302 & 303]


There is an issue with “Excel Action Library” operations while using within “If-Else condition” in version 1.1.5 build 302 & 303. It generates Blank Output Data.

For example “Get Range” operation Output BLANK data into Table variable when used Inside an If-Else condition, while it works perfectly fine if it is used Outside If-Else condition.


Snippet of Excel Data:


Here is the snippet of log of attached program which reads the inputData.xlsx file with 3 rows and 2 column data:

Table data populated from INSIDE If condition:

[[, , ], [, , ], [, , ]]

Table data populated from OUTSIDE If condition:

[[Name, Age], [X, 25.0], [Y, 30.0]]

Similar behavior observed for the “Get Cell Value” operation.

NOTE: It used to work fine in version 1.1.4.

Is there any workaround or is it a bug in version 1.1.5?

Attached are required files to replicate the issue. (23.5 KB)


the issue you reported is confirmed.
As a workaround you can use the way as in the attached (23.2 KB)

@amashentsev Thanks for the workaround, is there any tentative timeline by when the new build is expected with solutions to most of the issues being reported in version 1.1.5 release?

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