Blank page in Control Tower



Hello. I have a similar issue. I can enter Control Tower using my credential (although user in says I’m John Doe). I can see the Business Processes and select one of them. However, whatever option I select (Copy, Edit and Run, View Data) the system just show me a blank page (link: http://localhost:15280/workfusion/secure/business-process/edit/f82737f0-3b94-4026-b186-463bf146d438). I’m trying to execute PU L1 - Assignment 2 - Run the process.

Control Tower : License expired while using RPA express

Hi @tovar_e, I cannot open the page as it is on your local CT. Could you share a screenshot of how the page looks?

Also, you can change the name displayed in the CT in user settings



Hi @ashapkina, it is working now. Thanks.