Blockings popup ads

Does anyone know how to block the popup ids or any kind of notification during the running stage of RPA Express tool as it causes switching window error and the working of tool stops?
It’s urgent please help me.

Are these desktop notifications? Or are you talking about popups in a web browser?

I am talking about desktop notifications. Some ads come on right corner as notifications. How to stop them in work fusion.

You can either turn off these notifications in your PC settings or always switch to the correct window using Window action before typing or pressing any keys in the window - this way the bot will perform the actions in the correct window.

okay, suppose I ''ll switch to correct windows and written the code with proper switching of windows. I am asking when the bot runs and that time any popup occurs, then what to do, as popup window will generate the error.

Does the execution fail in this case even if you have Window actions? Is it possible to share a recording (video) of this issue?