Bot as service from control tower. Is it possible?

Been trying to run a recording that runs infinitely like below workflow.

  1. run while loop infinitely and wait for a file in a folder
  2. when the file was found, will continue on the next step
  3. then deletes the file
  4. after finishing execution of succeeding steps, will wait for the file availability again.

This is just like a file watcher.

It is working fine when the recording was run through the studio and leave it running. But when the script was published in control tower, it just runs once. What I’m looking for is any possibility that the published script runs infinitely from the tower as a file watcher service.

I appreciate any insights regarding this.

Hi @rguisando did you publish the bot task to Control Tower without changing, so it still has the While loop with the same condition?

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Hi @rguisando do you still have this issue with the business process?

Hi asha,

It’s working now using scheduled execution of process.
Thank you.

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