Bot doesn't click on web element

Thank you

Could you also share the target image (the one you use in the action) and the image recognition threshold value from the properties.

for this automation i am using xpath, if i accept cookies rest of the clicks are working fine or else process is stopping.

1539006961184 does the bot fail to click on the image to accept cookies?
Please upload the image file you use here, or share the screenshot of the mouse click action.

no, bot will not click the accept cookies, even if i click on accept button manually again this popup is displaying in next process. can you share your recording to have a look?

I am Sorry, i can not share that recording because of company security policy than please share screenshots of the action that fails and the error message.

Hi Asha,

When the bellow cookies popup is displaying, mouse clicks are not working in RPA Express.


Are you sure this xpath is correct? according to the log, the bot cannot fine this element on the page.
Also, check if the button is located inside an iframe. did you have a chance to check if the Xpath is correct?
Could you provide the url on which the bot has to click on the Xpath?

for solving this issue i am using search for cookies image, if cookies popup is true bot will click on cookies accept button then process flow will continue and bot will click on this xpath “/html/body/div[8]/div/div/div[3]/button[2]”. by doing this my issue has solved.

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