Bot feels really slow [V2.2.0]

I know that there are other posts that are similar in topic but this is something that I want to raise at this point in time. My bot feels really slow especially when it comes to window switching and it kinda falls short of the expectation of what RPA is supposed to be able to do.

I am working on a bot which involves manipulating data from multiple excel windows. It needs to move between excel files in order to retrieve data from cells and it has to deal with a lot of the popup windows and menus. I am not able to use the native excel functions because they are not sufficient for my current use case. As a result of this, it becomes necessary for the bot to handle different windows so that it knows what actions to perform on which window, but there is a performance drawback.

Things that I’ve tried to do from other similar posts of the forum to improve bot performance:

  1. optimize the flow of actions within the recording.
  2. adjust RPA recorder settings, delay between action is set to 0ms and switch window timeout is set to 250ms.
  3. Tried to compile and export the recording into a bot task where the code can be executed. I did notice that there are multiple sleep() actions in between each function and I am not sure where and how these numbers are configured. In addition, I get a compile error: code is too large, probably something to do with a method exceeding 64kb in size. Still trying to figure out how to refactor the code to get it to compile.

Is anyone else facing the same problem?

Try switching OCR off.

Also if your use case is moving data between excel files I’d highly recommend VBA, it’s much faster. You can always run the macro with a bot.

Do you use “Open Spreadsheet” action or are you switching windows with the “Window” action?

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Also, did you record your actions in Excel or did you build the workflow manually?

If you recorded them note that the recorder captures all your delays before actions, and it can be the cause of all the sleep() actions.

thanks for the VBA suggestion! I think I’ll give that a shot for my next project.

I am using the “Window” action with plenty of excel shortcuts to to rather than the “Open Spreadsheet” action because i’m not able to do things like autofilter with the excel working in the background.

I tried switching OCR off but that did not improve the bot’s speed.

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Turns out this is the cause of it. I built the workflow manually but recorded some parts to get the specific active window and I guess I ended up replicating many of these recorded parts throughout the workflow. All of the sleep actions were hidden away inside the “advanced tab” within each action which made it difficult to spot. Nevertheless I just edited the .rpae file and removed all the delays and now the bot is performing as expected.

Thanks! :smiley:

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Glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face: